May 5, 2016

T-Mobile Review


Rating: ★★★★★

T-Mobile are the best choice by far when it comes to getting a mobile phone contract if you have a bad credit history.

T-Mobile are sympathetic towards people with a bad credit history, and are flexible enough to accomodatr from such consumers. They are a proven favourite of consumers who have had a bad credit history. They get our full approval, and we really cannot recommend them enough. If you apply for a T-Mobile contract then we suggest you go for a Solo tariff which is ideal for those with a poor credit history. Dozens of consumers have used our information to successfully get a contract with T-Mobile,where they have benefitted from the same handsets and tariffs as everyone else! Do not delay and go apply at T-Mobile now…

T-Mobile do not guarantee acceptance, but their acceptance rate is extremely high with the Solo tariff and because of this there are few rejections. If you have a bad credit history, then the chances of you being accepted for a Sim Only contract with T-Mobile are very high. Standard contracts are however harder to pass, although have the added bonus of a handset. Nonetheless the savings made from a Sim Only contract with an equivalent mobile phone contract, can be used to purchase the LATEST and BEST mobile phones. It really is a WIN WIN situation.

However, in some rare cases T-Mobile will offer a different package after reviewing your applicaiton. They may offer a Solo Lite package. The Solo Lite package will have certain restrictions and will only be offered if you fail the credit check.  Even if you are offered this package, then providing you keep up with your payments, T-Mobile will let you benefit from a standard contract like everyone else, after just a few months. For such packages and deals we have no choice but to give great feedback to T-Mobile.

The internet is filled of stories of people who were accepted by T-Mobile depsite having a bad credit history.

If you want a mobile phone contract, then this is your first stop!

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